Helpful tips when buying a shoe cabinet

Organizing shoes in your home is somewhat challenging, from that ugly heel you keep stumbling on whenever you get into your bedroom to that sleeper that always ends up in your dog’s mouth. It becomes particularly challenging if you can’t find the right storage cabinet. Choosing the right shoe cabinet will help keep your shoes from dust and moisture and make your shoes easy to find.

Available space

Space availability is the most important criterion you should consider when choosing a shoe cabinet. There’s no point in buying a large cabinet that can’t fit in a corner where it’s going to stand. Measure out your floor area and squeeze things around if possible. Write down the measurement of your most optimum space, then begin shopping.

Shoe collection

It’s also important to consider the number of pairs you want to organize in the cabinet. Don’t forget your future collections as well – they need to find space where they’re going to sit. Donate or sell a few pairs you rarely use to give room for regular pairs and future ones.


Location is everything when it comes to storage cabinets. Choose a spot you can easily access when going out and when you get back home. Under the staircase cabinets work best for small apartments or rooms. Besides being stylish, they also help to utilize the space under the stairs.

Home décor

Your home décor and furnishing dictate the color and design of the cabinet you buy. A solid wood cabinet with traditional carvings and doors will work best if you’re into classics. If you’re into contemporary home décor, then a veneer shoe cabinet ( by Tylko should be your choice.

Style and features

Shoe cabinets come in various styles and designs, from open cabinets that don’t have anything covering their shelves or cubby holes to cabinets with louvered doors that control the lighting and temperature of the storage space. The choice here will depend on your specific storage needs. If you access your pairs too often, then go for an open shoe cabinet. If you own a few delicate and expensive pairs, don’t look any further than a cabinet with louvered doors.

Organizing a house is sometimes a hassle, from keeping your pets off your expensive souvenirs to keeping your shoes in the form and easily accessible. Look for the most suitable shoe cabinet to keep your shoes in order.