Welcome to the Gallatin Community Collaborative

Gallatin Community Collaborative (GCC)
The purpose of the Gallatin Community Collaborative (GCC) is to create broad-based consensus regarding the management and stewardship of the Custer Gallatin National Forest (CGNF).

The goals of the GCC are to:

• Develop recommendations for the CGNF, with particular attention to the Hyalite Porcupine Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Areas (HPBH-WSA), regarding the following:
a/ Travel Planning Management
b/ Forest Plan Revision
• Develop a legislative proposal that addresses public land designations in the Gallatin Range, with particular attention to the HPBH-WSA.

The GCC will promote a constructive exchange of information and ideas within the community.
To accomplish this they will do the following:

• Bring diverse stakeholders into a fair, transparent, inclusive, fact-based, and civil collaborative process.
• Develop a shared understanding of issues.
• Identify key values, interests and needs of the community
• Identify areas of agreement and disagreement.
• Develop a shared understanding of the planning processes, policies, and regulations currently used by federal, state and local agencies for public land, wildlife and water management.
• Identify areas where additional information will be needed to make well informed decisions.
• Generate recommendations that have broad community support.

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