Welcome to the Gallatin Community Collaborative!

This site provides timely, relevant information about the Gallatin Community Collaborative (GCC).
The GCC is an inclusive, transparent, and civil collaborative whose purpose is to develop and provide community-based recommendations to the Gallatin National Forest (GNF) for shaping public lands management, with a specific focus on the Hyalite-Porcupine-Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Area (HPBH-WSA) of the Gallatin Range.

In 2012, an Exploratory Committee (EC), made up of individuals from a very broad range of perspectives, was formed. The EC determined that a collaborative process could be effective and has moved forward in its organization. The GCC is defining the committees and the work processes and scope of each. We need your participation!

The GCC is a facilitated, consensus-based process that is open to the public and funded through donations and grants. Click Here to learn more of the GCC history. Click Here to make a donation to support this important process. We can’t do it without your help and participation!

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Meeting minutes and draft documents being developed through the current Sub-Committee work is being archived at a Google Sites web page that is open to the public. Click here to go to GCC Committee Site.

Request for Proposals – GCC Facilitator

The Governance Committee of the Gallatin Community Collaborative (GCC) seeks a skilled, experienced facilitator to assist a community-based collaborative organization in formulating and achieving its purpose and vision, setting timelines for achieving goals, making decisions, overcoming hurdles, and fostering effective group behavior from a diversity of perspectives. The GCC was formed to initiate a community-driven collaboration in which community involvement is sought and participation is voluntary. Its vision is to be fair, transparent, inclusive, fact-based, and civil, engaging members of the public from diverse perspectives to develop a broadly supported set of recommendations for the long-term management of lands within the Gallatin National Forest (GNF). In particular, the GCC is focusing on creating consensus-based management and/or legislative solutions for the Hyalite-Porcupine-Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Area (HPBH WSA) in the Gallatin Range region of southwest Montana.

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